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We, started in 1939, are a specialized manufacturer of taps for making internal threads. To meet manifold needs from customers and solve various kinds of problems in tapping work, we have been making steady efforts towards technical improvements, high productivity and quick delivery in spite of short production runs in a variety of sizes.

In November, 1999 we acquired certification that our quality management system was assessed and found to comply with the requirements of International Quality Management Standards ISO9001. We, our sales, technical and production divisions unite our every possible efforts at supplying our customers with taps to satisfy them at quality, price and delivery.

Twentieth-First Century; Japanese economy is facing up to the very severe conditions as well as the world economy, but it is certain that present difficulties will be overcome through their wisdom and untiring endeavors. Furthermore, structural reform of industry will be carried out in each field, such as information, energy, environment, welfare, etc. As a result, Twentieth-First Century - it shall be the age of happiness for the earth and human beings.

We, fixing our eyes on the present and the future of technical progress, will devote ourselves to development of our original technology and also will try to give you more satisfaction with our taps.

We hope you will continue to support and patronize us in the future too.

   Yoshio Hachiuma, President
 代表取締役 社長  八馬 芳雄





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