ISO 9001(2001)





1939-02 Started in Amagasaki-City as the precision machining division of Sakai Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Moved to 411-1, Sogai, Naka-Cho, Taka-Kun, Hyogo-Pref.,due to World War Ⅱ
1952-06 Separated and founded as Sakai Threading Tool Co., Ltd.with capital of J¥500,000.- (at present J¥54,000,000.-)
1955-06 Acquired Permission to manifest JIS mark for regular hand tap
1962-08 Invented Bent Shank Tap of High Speed Steel with #600 (it is Guide Thread at chamfer portion)
1967-05 Invented Coupler Type AH Bent Shank Taps (Tap Nib and Bent Shank are connected by Coupler mechanically)
1971-11 Built New Factory at 907-90, Sogai, Naka-Cho, Taka-Gun, Hyogo-Pref.(the place where we are now)
1974-06 Acquired Permission to manifest JIS 2 Class mark for nut taps for metric sizes coarse screw threads
1974-08 Opened head & business office at 3-2-10 Tsumori, Nishinari-Ku,Osaka (the place where we are now)
1982-03 Invented TiN Coated Taps
1986-11 Invented Lead Guide Taps. Lead Guide Taps can prevent from acting as a reamer and can form exactly high accuracy of nut threads
1988-09 Invented Modified Tandem Taps which can produce precise threads for thin nuts
1994-12 Invented Flutless Taps(Forming Taps)
1997-02 Opened Nagoya Office
1999-11 Acquired ISO 9001 Certification




Expert Manufacturer of Threading Tools  and
Machine Nut Taps


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