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We have been manufacturing taps over 60 years. From the start we have been doing our best on engineering and research to develop and supply the best suited tap to meet each of our customers' tapping conditions and satisfy their common requirements; to manufacture fasteners more efficiently.

Based on our accumulated know-how and long experience over 60 years, we shall further make continuous efforts at developing taps to fulfill your diversified needs according to time.

Our products, TAPs are an important factor in making internal threads for fasteners which can be used for various purposes and our lineup covers a wide variety of taps accordingly. We would like to introduce you some of our typical taps.

We are to manufacture a tap according to your needs and specifications; for example, taps with Guide Piece, taps with Reamer (two types: using reamer to finish holes before threading and using reamer to process holes which are not for tapping), Tandem taps, Spiral Fluted taps, etc. We shall manufacture the best tap to meet your working conditions.

As further services, we provide you with technical support, regrinding of taps, modifications of bent shank taps, investigation of taps and supply of goods related to tapping work.





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