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Our Patents (Including Patent pending)

Patent No.
PAT 218352 Taps with Guide Thread at chamfer portion
PAT 832615 Bent Shanks Taps
PAT 842688 Device for pushing nuts for automatic nut tapping machine
PAT 845510 Bent Shank Taps, R-Nib Type
PAT 883070 Bent Shank Taps, AH Taps (Coupler Type)
PAT 931767 Bent Shank Taps(Coupler with External Threads Type)
PAT 1095398 Bent Shank Taps Preventing from Eccentricity of nuts during tapping
PAT 1162721 Carbide-Tipped Taps
PAT 1244931 Hard Crest (HC) taps
PAT 1916543 Nut Taps with Lead Guide
Patent pending Bent Shank Taps
Patent pending Forming Taps
PAT 1652806
West Germany
Bent Shank Taps, AH Taps (Coupler Type)
PAT 1209196
Bent Shank Taps, AH Taps (Coupler Type)

Our Invented Technology

   Modified Tandem Taps: Cutting Precise Threads for Thin Nuts.

   Taps with Taper Guide at Chamfer Portion: Preventing Nut Threads    from being out of shape.

   Controlled Root Taps: Preventing from Generating Burrs in Nut Hole.

   Taps: Excelling in Chip Discharge.   etc.




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